Working With Your Foot Doctor

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What Types Of Orthotics Do Podiatrists Commonly Prescribe?

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Many people have problems with their feet which makes standing, walking and running very difficult. Among these problems are heel spurs, hammer toes and being unbalanced because one leg is longer than the other. However, by wearing specially made orthotics these problems can be resolved. These are the three different types of orthotics that may be commonly prescribed by your podiatrist to help correct these issues. Soft Orthotics Soft orthotics are used to provide comfort and support to feet that are very sore and painful. Read More»

3 Management Strategies For Ankle Arthritis

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How ankle arthritis is managed will depend on the progression of the disease and how much it interferes with daily activities. In the early stages of ankle arthritis, self-care might be enough to manage pain and keep moving. Change Your Footwear Wearing different shoes and other supportive devices can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis. When possible, choose high-top sneakers since they will provide more ankle support and help stabilize your ankle. Read More»