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Home Treatment for Your Heel Pain: 3 Things You Can Do

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Heel pain can make it very difficult to walk, even just to relax it can be painful. Pain in the heel can feel like any number of things, it can feel like pins and needles in your heel, or it may feel numb and tingly. If you have pain in your heel, there could be a few different things that may be wrong, and a podiatrist's diagnosis is necessary in order to treat the pain properly. There may also be a few things you can do at home to treat your heel pain. Read on for some tips to help you find relief.

1. Add Inserts to Your Shoes

Use inserts in your shoes that you wear daily to help give you some extra cushion and support in your shoes. The type of shoes you wear may not be offering you the support you need and is causing your heel pain. Shoes that are well worn-in may not have the cushion that they once did, and it can leave you in pain. If changing your footwear is out of the question, try adding inserts to your shoes instead. You can find inserts at your local big-box store, or at most shoe stores. Your podiatrist can also fit you for inserts that can be used for a longer length of time than over-the-counter ones.

2. Change Your Shoes

Changing the type of shoes you wear may also be helpful in treating your heel pain. If you have pain in your heels after wearing high heels, or those trendy shoes that have no arch support at all in them, try changing your footwear to something more comfortable for your feet. Lower the height of the heel you usually wear and try wearing trendy shoes that have support in them. Adjusting your footwear may be a big help in how your feet feel.

3. Take an Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

Try taking an over-the-counter pain medication to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain in your feet. An anti-inflammatory, pain reliever may be a big help to you, but it may only be a temporary relief if you don't make other changes to help treat your feet.

If you have pain in your heel, you should get to the podiatrist for treatment as needed. Your heel pain could worsen and leave you unable to walk at all, or need surgery. Go to a podiatrist such as Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists to find relief from your heel pain.