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How Cosmetic Toe Surgeons Help Runners Who Break a Big Toe

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Broken big toes may throw a runner off their game and make it very hard for them to compete at a high level. As a result, it may be necessary for those in this position to get cosmetic toe surgery to ensure that they can compete again. 

A Broken Toe May Impact a Runner's Ability

Running may not seem like a heavy impact sport or one in which a person could get injured. However, a broken big toe may happen during a competitive event and hamper a runner's ability to compete. For example, they'll have little balance if their toe is too injured, and they'll need recovery time to get back on their feet. Unfortunately, there is a chance, even then, that their toe might not set properly as it heals.

When this happens, the broken toe may become crooked and ugly in a way that can impact a runner's career. For example, they may not have the same kind of take-off that they had before they broke their toe, or their balance may be slightly different. For a competitor, these changes can be hard to overcome and may require the help of a cosmetic toe surgeon to ensure that nothing bad happens to a person's running career.

How Cosmetic Toe Surgery Can Help

Cosmetic toe surgery is a unique process that focuses on restoring a runner's toe to a normal state. For example, this type of treatment may straighten out a toe and make it easier for a runner to compete. Though this may require breaking the toe to set it straight again, this process is worth it if the cosmetic surgeon can restore the strength and straightness of a toe quickly and efficiently to a person.

Critically, this type of surgery can also help to restore the look of a toe and help the runner feel more confident. Looking at a crooked and broken toe while lacing up running shoes may be frustrating and may even cause issues if it doesn't sit in a person's running shoes properly any more. But a cosmetic toe surgeon can work to get the toe back to its original state and help a runner compete at a higher level.

Thankfully, a large number of cosmetic surgeons can perform this type of surgery without much difficulty. However, they may have to either work with a podiatrist on this treatment or have some type of podiatrist treatment to perform detailed and effective toe repairs.