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What You Can Do if You Are Rolling over Your Feet When You Walk

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If your feet are rolling out or rolling in, you are rolling over your feet when you walk. Meaning, you are not walking flat on your feet, they are turned to one side or the other. You may notice that you wear out the soles of your shoes on one side more than the other. Your shoes may also be more worn out on the side of the shoe as well. If you are rolling over the side of your foot, there are things you can do about this issue. Read on for some information about what you can do.

Go to a Podiatrist

Make an appointment with a foot specialist to straighten out your feet in order to walk properly. Walking on the inside or outside of your feet can lead to ankle issues, as well as knee or hip issues. This awkward gait may be able to be remedied with therapy, braces on your feet and legs, or you may just need special inserts made for your feet. Going to the podiatrist will help get to the bottom of your foot issue and help get you walking properly again.

Wear More Supportive Footwear

If you walk on the sides of your feet, you should wear shoes that help prevent this from happening. This means you need to wear a solid shoe that isn't just made of thin fabric, you need something a bit more supportive and sturdy to prevent this roll-over issue. You can talk to your podiatrist about what type of footwear is best for your feet.

Lose Weight

Being overweight may be the cause of this issue. If you are overweight, you may be walking differently than ever before because the excess weight is wearing on your hips and knees, causing your feet to turn out or in. If you are overweight, you should lose weight to take some of the excess weight off of your ligaments and prevent this and other issues.

If you are rolling over your feet when you walk and wearing out the sides of your shoes instead of the flat sole of your shoes, you have a problem that you need to have remedied. This issue can lead to a number of other issues with either your feet, knees, or hips. Get to the podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and treatment of this issue. Start wearing more supportive shoes and work on losing some weight to help treat this foot issue.