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Why Your Heels Hurt Every Time You Wake Up

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Your feet take a beating each and every day. Think about how much you walk, run, play a sport, or just move from your couch to the kitchen. All of those steps each day can really add up. Now think about how the shoes you are squishing your feet into and how much work they are getting every day. It ends up being quite a bit of work for your feet, so at some point you are going to end up with a problem with your feet. If you have an issue such as pain in your heels when you're at rest, it's most likely plantar fasciitis. If you have this condition, or think you may, it's best to get to the podiatrist for an exam and to get diagnosed properly. Read on for reasons why this may have occurred.

1. Wearing the Wrong Shoes

The wrong shoes can set your feet up for failure. They can cause a number of foot issues including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, and falling arches. If you have plantar fasciitis, you need to reconsider your footwear. Change your shoes to wear ones with more support and that fit your feet both the length of your foot and the width. If anything hurts your foot at all, you need to change your shoes. If you don't have any support in the soles or in the arch, you need to change your shoes. Old shoes should also be replaced with new ones, even if they still look good, they most likely aren't doing you any good in the support department.

2. Being Overweight

Being overweight can cause a number of health issues and concerns. If you are overweight, you are prone to foot problems including plantar fasciitis, as you have a lot more weight bearing on the tendons in your feet. Get on a weight loss plan and stick to it. Get down to a healthier weight and you'll notice a difference all over your body, in all of your joints, muscles, and in your feet as well.

3. Having a Poor Gait

If your gait has changed, it can result in problems with your feet as well. If you are walking with a foot out to the side due to a previous injury or some other type of issue, it can result in plantar fasciitis and other foot problems as well. Going to a podiatrist can help with this.

If your heels hurt each day when your feet hit the floor, it's most likely plantar fasciitis. Get to the podiatrist for an exam and a diagnosis, then start making changes to prevent it from worsening or from returning.