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4 Foot Care Tips That Keep Your Feet Healthy And Prevent Pain And Injury

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Taking good care of your feet could mean the difference between feeling good after a long day of work and feeling miserable with foot pain. Tired and painful feet are common, but when your feet always hurt, it's time to focus on foot care. Here are four important steps for taking the best care of your feet.

1. Wear Shoes That Fit Well

One of the most important things you can do for your feet is to wear shoes that fit well. Shoes shouldn't crowd your toes, rub your heels, or make your feet hurt after you wear them. Since shoes are made by size rather than foot shape, it can be difficult to find shoes that fit well if you have a high instep or narrow heels.

Rather than buy shoes off the rack, buy from a shoe store with employees who can measure your feet and suggest the right shoes for you to buy. You might even want to see a podiatrist for help in measuring your feet and to recommend shoes if you have a foot abnormality that makes it hard to find shoes that fit. A podiatrist can order custom shoes for you if necessary.

2. Soak And Moisturize Your Feet

When your feet are sore and tired, take time to relax. You might want to prop your feet up on a recliner or soak them in warm water. Soaking your feet helps them relax, and it also softens your skin so dead skin falls away.

After soaking your feet, dry them well, and apply moisturizer. Lotion keeps the skin on your feet soft and healthy. Plus, as you apply the moisturizer to your feet, you have a chance to massage them for further relaxation and to feel your feet for areas of soreness and injury.

3. Seek Treatment For Medical Conditions

Feet are often the neglected part of your body, but keeping your feet healthy is important since your feet have to be in good shape to keep you mobile. If you have problems with toenail fungus, athlete's foot, foot odors, excessive sweating, or chronic foot pain, see a podiatrist.

A podiatrist can treat medical conditions of your feet so you don't have to put up with constant pain or the discomfort of an ingrown toenail. Seeking treatment from a podiatrist for routine foot problems is even more important when you have a medical condition that reduces feeling in your feet or that impairs your circulation.

4. Protect Your Feet From Injury

It's convenient to slip on flip-flops when you leave the house, but those aren't the best shoes for everyday wear or for when you're in crowds. Match your shoes to the occasion. Wear shoes with tough soles that can protect you if you step on something sharp. If you're running, wear the appropriate running shoes, and when you're working, wear steel-toed boots if they're indicated.

Accidents happen fast, and you can be injured when you least expect it. By wearing the right shoes, you could prevent a puncture wound, crushed toenail, or foot pain.