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What's Causing Your Chronic Ankle Pain?

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People often think of ankle pain as being synonymous with a sprained ankle. But a sprain can happen suddenly when you take a funny step or twist your ankle joint. What if your ankle pain doesn’t seem to have had a defined starting point and just bothers you, day after day? This pain is more likely to be caused by one of the following conditions, all of which should be treated by a podiatrist or foot and ankle specialist. Read More»

Signs It's Time For You To Consider Ankle Replacement Surgery

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Ankle replacement surgery is a surgical procedure that is done by a skilled podiatrist. This type of surgery should not be taken lightly, but it might be necessary for you to be able to continue to do the things you love to do. If you are concerned about your ankle health following an accident, injury, or genetic condition you have, then you may want to think about getting ankle replacement surgery. Read More»